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Job Location: 133 Congress St. Lowell, MA

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New England’s agricultural history is visible in stonewalls. They are beloved by many but also threatened. A USDA survey in the 1930s calculated that there were more miles of stone fences in New York and New England than miles between the earth and the moon.Since then, tens of thousands of miles have been lost, not just to road construction and suburban sprawl, but also to strip mining.

Gerald, founder of American Stonecraft, discovered that there was a way to share the story of fieldstones and their colorful geology in a sustainable way. American Stonecraft generates income for farmers and allows collectors to discover local geology from their very own communities. How? Because local farmers grow rocks every year! It’s true! The soil berths a crop every year thanks to the expansion and contraction of the freeze thaw cycle.

American Stonecraft is a Massachusetts Benefit Corporation that only uses freshly harvested rocks to make beautiful dishes (think coasters, food safe serving platters, and plates) that all label which farm they were gathered at. Because we use freshly harvested rocks, the work is not a threat to stonewalls. These artifacts also raise awareness about the history of fieldstones and share geology that has been lying beside us for a lifetime, waiting till now to be seen! This in turn creates educated citizens who want to preserve this history, and educated neighbors who collect our beautiful one-of-a-kind goods.

Working at American Stonecraft offers you a chance to work with your hands independently, to become associated with a successful and growing art studio, to learn and practice your creative skills, and be around beautiful natural products.


  • Attention to detail

Desired Skills and Qualities:

  • Ability to work independently
  • Ability to take direction, desire to learn, and willingness to adapt your approach

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Data: labeling products, creating inventory reports
  • Shipping: packaging orders and printing bills of lading
  • Branding and stamping packaging supplies
  • Monitoring supply levels
  • Keeping workspaces clean


  • Job will take place at American Stonecraft, 133 Congress St. Lowell, MA
  • Hours are somewhat flexible, Monday – Friday.
  • Ability to work on your feet 2-8 hours a day.
  • Ability to lift 15 pounds.

Deadline: Interviews will be scheduled on a rolling basis.

Salary: $12/hr

Schedule: Part Time 8-20 hrs per week

How To Apply:
Please email your resume and availability to careers at Interviews conducted in Lowell, Massachusetts.

Visit to learn more! American Stonecraft is an Equal Opportunity Employer and we would love to meet you!

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