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1. Start Your order

Begin your order with payment of the Milestones Custom Fee in our Web Shop.

All Custom Sourced orders involve a 2-stage payment process: the initial Custom Fee, and the cost of your finished piece(s).

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2. Choose Your Rock

Decide what rock(s) you want to use, and what products you’d like us to make.

Email with photos so we can see if the rock(s) you’ve selected will be a good match for your chosen products.

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3. Send Your Rock

Depending on what we are making, we’ll send you a shipping label for your raw stone (which you can pack in a cardboard box), or you can drop it off in Lowell or Boston.

For large-scale orders we will arrange for pallet shipping.

4. We’ll Take it From there!

Expect us to be in touch often along the way while we work to transform your stone.

Once your rock has been inspected, cut, and measured, we’ll let you know the specific possibilities for your custom pieces.

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5. Custom Inscription

Once you’ve decided on your final pieces, your stone is handcrafted and finished with a custom inscription of your choice on the underside.

The final payment can now be calculated based on the size and type of item(s) made.

6. Your Finished Stones

We will be in touch for payment of the finished items.

Once received, we’ll ship your custom pieces directly to you.